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Selena Beaudry

Selena Beaudry lives and works in London. She received her MFA from Tyler School of Art and creates installations, paintings and collages. She has exhibited throughout the US, including shows at North Carolina Museum of Art, the Weatherspoon Art Museum, the Galleries at Moore College and the Aspen Art Museum.


Holland B. Cunningham

I am an American artist who makes work using various materials, employing oil, water-based media, photography as well as animation. My most recent work is an assortment of mixedmedia/oil paintings in which I use found photography—print details of the memories of others—as a starting point.


Christina Dobbs

Christina Dobbs is an American/British painter living in London. Her work is channelled and wrought from her own photographs.  The camera acts as her sketchbook;  it is a means of observing and fixing the movement of figures engaged in their own activities, often unaware of our gaze.


Andrea Hamilton

Andrea Jarvis Hamilton is a UK-based conceptual artist and photographer best known for her extensive series of photographic images, or typologies, of the ocean, natural phenomena, and the Kelvin scale. Her work encompasses numerous photographic genres including portraiture, still life, long exposure and landscape.


Stacie McCormick

Multi-disciplinary artist Stacie McCormick is Los Angeles-born and London-based. Stacie is the Director and Founder of  Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, an Arts Council England supported organisation, providing exceptional opportunities for artists and the public. McCormick is also the visionary mind behind the new art world app  FairArtFair, creating a platform for art lovers, curators and artists to connect, discover and organise.


Sparrow Read

Sparrow Read is a software engineer, traditional artist (encaustic wax medium) and digital artist. Finding a synergy between technology and art, Read explores the latent space of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) deep learning algorithms and other digital manipulation techniques to create artworks that are a collaboration between human and machine.


Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen is best known for her powerful depictions of the modern day woman. Reemtsen is an accomplished painter and printmaker, having under-taken a residency at Venice Printmaking Studio in Italy, studying etchings with Peter Petengill at Wingate Studio in New Hampshire, and screen printing with Tony Clough at Serio Press in Los Angeles.


Amy Robson

Amy Robson is a British/American artist who creates drawings, paintings and animations that consider the experience of being in a place – physical or psychological.  Her work pushes representational boundaries with disjointed pictorial spaces and uncanny juxtapositions to suggest the strangeness of being alive in the modern world.


Dodi Wexler

I work with a base of paper and incorporate fabrics, stamps, beads, maps, gold, ink, drawing, wood and anything else that seduces me. I work within a variety of themes and series including memory, journals, mapping, nature, feminism, political issues, “white”, woven and more……Process and materials give birth to meanings.

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