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Mary Poelzlbauer is a London-based art consultant, advising individuals and businesses on building engaging and original collections.


Her trademark is working with clients in a manner best suited to them; whether it’s displaying their existing artwork in fresh ways, helping them find the perfect piece for a particular space, or acquiring a piece they discover on one of her tours.

What Clients Say....

“Mary was brilliant to work with. She reviewed the spaces needing art, discussed our ideas and returned with a number of options that were in line with our taste, including some where she nudged us a little out of our comfort zone. We selected the most dramatic, which we may not have done without her help, and we absolutely love it.”
~Jane H

“We loved working with Mary! My husband and I couldn’t agree on a painting for our entry hall after looking forever, but she found several. The one we chose makes me happy every time I walk in the house and see it.”

~Lisa S

“We had a lot of art in the attic, which Mary reviewed with us and created a full inventory for future reference. She then helped us think about our favourites in different ways and we ended up hanging eleven of them, some with new frames, some in new groupings, now they feel like brand new paintings.”
~Mark W


“I love my painting so much! We all do! Thank you so much for finding this for us, it will always be one of my favourite things from living in London.”

~Kim G

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